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AlgaEnergy is a global leader offering a portfolio of natural and biological technologies based on decades of research. AlgaEnergy believes in a bright future for agriculture. Through the incorporation of products that contribute to the facilitation of natural solutions and processes that support the sustainable and regenerative production of food and fiber, AlgaEnergy meets the increasing demands of a trained and more sophisticated consumer.

AlgaEnergy North America is the leading source of powerfully innovative biological crop inputs to help growers produce the most nutritious, highest quality, and affordable food and fiber while improving the health of both people and the planet.


A change for the better

These products help growers in two crucial ways: as biofertilizers that enhance crop nutrition, and as biostimulants offering balanced nutrition, improved stress tolerance, and help in controlling pests and weeds.

Microalgae are found in natural environments everywhere. In agriculture, they serve as a nearly inexhaustible source of plant nutrients that enrich both crops and the soil that nurtures them.

AlgaEnergy Products Offer a Multitude of Benefits


Microalgae are photosynthetic, single-cell plants represented by diverse species. When applied to crops, microalgae has unique attributes and compounds that provide a potent, yet natural way, to support plant growth, development, metabolism, and stress resilience


Plant beneficial microbes provide a symbiotic partnership with plants. The supplementation of beneficial microbes to crops supports a healthy microbiome leading to healthy, robust, and resilient crops.

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