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Fifty years of proprietary research by leading scientists has created this unique and remarkable technology for agricultural sustainability based on the natural power of microalgae, grown using carbon dioxide, a waste product of electricity generation.

Our products have been scientifically proven to significantly improve plants’ abilities to utilize nitrogen and water more efficiently, driving real outcomes for growers including yield and produce quality. We now have more than three million satisfied growers around the world, who are efficiently producing better crops, improving soil health and reducing environmental impact.








AmpliPhyt™ MA

Our flagship product, AmpliPhyt™ MA is a phytoplankton derived biostimulant proven to increase crop nitrogen and water use efficiency. Over three million growers worldwide have experienced how AmpliPhyt, applied either to the soil or to the foliage, has delivered key crop benefits such as improved yield and quality attributes.

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Slide Produce quality In most crops, yield is only part of the objective. Improvements in the quality of produce can lead to improved profitability at the farm gate. In crop trials around the world AlgaEnergy products have proven to add value by positively impacting the quality of produce from treated crops. Genergy is our research program which unlocks how our biotechnology works within the plant. Using genetic analysis of plants treated with AmpliPhyt we have proven an improvement in the plants ability to assimilate water and nitrogen, improving plant growth, even when under stress. Genergy™ Regenerative agriculture The best growers in Australia and New Zealand are choosing more sustainable products to leverage their cropping program. AmpliPhyt can improve efficiency of nitrogen and water use in plants and is produced using carbon dioxide produced by gas and coal fired power plants. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE LEARN MORE

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312, 2022

Genergy™: The Science Behind AlgaEnergy Solutions

December 3rd, 2022|0 Comments

Genergy™: The Science Behind AlgaEnergy Solutions Decoding how AlgaEnergy’s solutions energize crop gene expression in less than 2 hours. AlgaEnergy presents its mode-of-action program, Genergy™, that has validated how its phytoplankton-based solutions improve the