Bending the Arc of Agricultural Innovation


What do we do

At our Cadiz production facility, in Spain, AlgaEnergy produces multiple proprietary strains of microalgae for a variety of agricultural uses.

Sustainably produced using CO₂ emissions from a natural gas power plant, AlgaEnergy’s microalgae can be customized for a large variety of crops and climates. The list of nutrients they provide includes proteins, plant hormones, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, carotenoids, pigments, fiber and other natural nutrients.


A step change for

These products help growers in two crucial ways: as biofertilizers, which enhance crop nutrition; and as biostimulants, which offer  balanced nutrition, improve stress tolerance and help control pests and weeds.

Microalgae are found in natural environments everywhere. In agriculture, they serve as a nearly inexhaustible source of plant nutrients that enrich both crops and the soil that nurtures them.

AlgaEnergy Products Offer a Multitude of Benefits


Plant vigor improvement
Greening effect enhancement
Root system efficiency
Microbiome enhancement
Nutrient enrichment


Natural disease
Insect and weed control


Ripening control
Disease control
Disorder control