The Technological Platform for Experimentation in Microalgae

AlgaEnergy’s successful scale-up of microalgae cultivation processes enables us to put innovative, competitive, sustainable, and highly effective products on the market.

The Technological Platform for Experimentation in Microalgae (PTEM), our R&D center, is located at the Adolfo Suaréz Madrid-Barajas airport.

The Microalgae Production Facility and The Ultimate Performance Technology Production Center.

Our Arcos de la Frontera facility in Cadiz is a remarkable example of our commitment to innovation for a more sustainable future. At this facility, CO₂ emissions from Spain’s largest combined-cycle power facility are used to cultivate our microalgae products rather than being emitted into the environment. The power plant’s owner is Iberdrola, a world leader in renewable energy and one of AlgaEnergy’s early investors.

We also have the UPT® (Ultimate Performance Technology) Production Center, dedicated to the production of our range of exclusively agricultural biostimulants.