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AlgaEnergy began with the development of agricultural biostimulants based on microalgae in 2009, a world first. AlgaEnergy markets agricultural microalgae-based biostimulants all over the world. Each biostimulant is made with an optimized combination of different species of microalgae, in an optimized proportion depending on their composition, individually providing essential elements for a plant´s physiological development. The immense biodiversity offered by microalgae, AlgaEnergy’s knowledge as well as the five cultivation technologies that the company uses, allow AlgaEnergy to choose the ideal microalgae species based on the product desired. But the product line of AlgaEnergy now extends beyond our proprietary microalgae. We offer a unique new class of crop inputs that combine microalgae with plant nutrients and biologicals.

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AlgaEnergy has International presence in more than 20 countries so far.

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