Why our microalgae-based Biostimulants ?

Through our cutting-edge technology and our UPT® process, we’ve developed LRM™, a powerful microalgae-based biostimulant transforming agriculture. LRM™ has proven benefits globally. Recognized for enhancing crop performance, we proudly market it in multiple countries, making an important contribution to sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Plant biostimulants are crop and soil treatments that rely on natural microorganisms to stimulate plant and soil health. They spur growth of seeds, plants and root systems, improve water-use efficiency and help plants fight abiotic stress from the environment, chemicals and infection.

Our unique microalgae biostimulants

Our microalgae products are derived from a select group of microalgae species grown under controlled conditions and created through a natural biological process that preserves the full range of essential stimulatory components to benefit crops, including carbon, amino acids, antioxidants and all major plant growth molecules.

AlgaEnergy is also developing unique, high-performance products that combine microbial biostimulants with our microalgae to yield whole new classes of products for you, our grower partners worldwide.