Why our soil health products?

Healthy Soils

Healthy soils are crucial to healthy food production. Soils host a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity and help plants withstand drought and heat stress as well as adapt to climate change. Nutrient-rich soils also help store and filter water.

Our microbial and microalgae-based products add living organisms, organic matter and nutrients to agricultural soils, creating both prebiotic and probiotic impacts on plant health.

Concentric Ag Corporation & AlgaEnergy

Through a distribution agreement with Concentric Ag Corporation of Oak Bluff, Manitoba, we also offer best-in-class microbial and cell-free microbial extract products that are complementary to these microalgae-derived products. Concentric’s Synergro® product is comprised of a proprietary formulation of live microbes that improve plant and root vigor, harvest quality and yield of field crops, hydroponics and greenhouse plants.

The company’s Synergro M2™ cell-free microbial biostimulant contains more than 1,500 natural compounds produced by a consortium of microorganisms during a proprietary fermentation process. It can be used as a seed, soil or foliar application on a wide range of broadacre crops.


In the pipeline

Under development is a blended product formulation that combines our proprietary microalgae liquid extracts with mycorrhizae spores to exponentially improve available root surface area, thereby enhancing uptake of water and nutrients by plants.