From our researchs…

AlgaEnergy was formed in 2007 with this ambitious mission: to deliver the full potential of microalgae to growers and consumers, and to use its technology to support a more sustainable future.

Its team of entrepreneurs and scientists — armed with five decades of proprietary research — have created a remarkable platform for delivering microalgae-based solutions for world agriculture and other sectors.


AlgaEnergy dedicated its first eight years exclusively to applied research. The company has invested more than 60 million euros in international microalgae R&D projects. It collaborates with more than 120 research centers, companies and universities. Its R&D projects portfolio covers the whole value chain from research into next-generation biofuels to the development of new, more efficient systems to culture microalgae and improve the quality of microalgal biomass.

To your fields…

This strong foundation has prepared us well to serve the needs of global agriculture. We have built an agribusiness that delivers sustainable solutions for every agriculture sector from crop production to animal nutrition. AlgaEnergy’s international group has established business units in major world agricultural markets in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.