In a groundbreaking stride towards a more sustainable agricultural landscape, the newly established Association Biocontrôle et Biostimulation pour l’Agroécologie (ABBA) is spearheading a transformative shift in the industry. We are thrilled to announce that Bachar Blal, AlgaEnergy’s Managing Director for France, has been elected as the Deputy Treasurer of ABBA, reinforcing AlgaEnergy’s commitment to industry progress and sustainability.

ABBA’s Mission: Pioneering Agribusiness Innovation in France and Abroad

This French initiative is at the forefront of the Grand Défi biocontrôle et biostimulation pour l’Agroécologie, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty. At its core, ABBA is dedicated to reducing chemical pesticide use in Europe by 50% by 2030, with collaborative efforts spanning the entire agricultural value chain. With strategic financial backing of 42 million euros from the National Research Agency and an additional 18 million euros from private entities over the next six years, ABBA aims to develop and diversify biocontrol and biostimulation biosolutions, aligning them with broader strategies for agroecological plant protection.

The association convened its Annual General Meeting on November 17, 2023, during which the board of directors was elected. The 19 members selected for this crucial role were strategically divided into various colleges, ensuring a well-balanced representation of stakeholders across the industry. Simultaneously, the executive body was elected to represent the association members. Notably, among them is Bachar Blal, the Managing Director of AlgaEnergy in France, who has assumed the significant responsibility of Deputy Treasurer.


President: Christian Huyghe (INRAE)

Vice-Presidents: Flora Limache (IBMA France) and Stephanie Tiprez (AFAÏA)

Secretary: Geoffroy Moulin (Staphyt)

Assistant Secretary: Louis Gauthier (Doriane)

Treasurer: Marianne Sellam (Acta les instituts techniques agricoles)

Deputy Treasurer: Bachar Blal (AlgaEnergy)



AlgaEnergy’s Leadership in ABBA: A Commitment to Modern Agriculture

Embedded within ABBA’s mission is AlgaEnergy’s unwavering commitment to industry progress and sustainability. Bachar Blal’s election as the Deputy Treasurer of ABBA not only symbolizes recognition for our team’s professionalism and outstanding career but also positions AlgaEnergy as a driving force within this transformative association. This move signifies not only a commitment to sustainable agriculture but also a stride towards a future where farmers globally have access to cutting-edge biocontrol and biostimulation technologies. It is a collaborative effort aimed at supporting growers in achieving higher yields, maintaining exceptional quality, and cultivating flourishing profits.

AlgaEnergy’s role in ABBA represents a pivotal moment in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture. As we join forces with ABBA, we aim to contribute to the development and implementation of innovative biological-based solutions that will define the future of the agribusiness industry.