On November 16th, 2022 open voting for the Board of Directors of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) took place, resulting in the election of AlgaEnergy’s Managing Director – Carlos Rodríguez-Villa as Vice President of the board – with 95 percent of the participatory vote.

This is an opportunity for AlgaEnergy to contribute and implement the necessary actions for agricultural solutions in the coming years in the biostimulant sector.

The current world situation, both geopolitical and environmental, is demanding corrective actions more rapidly than we could have imagined a few years ago. EBIC, in the publication of its Focus Areas for 2023, already highlighted the need to contribute to the industry’s understanding of the factors that will influence the operating environment for EBIC and all its member companies in the coming years. This includes the efficient use of nutrients, the geopolitical environment of food production, and the reputation of the biostimulant industry – its respect and ethics, among others.

AlgaEnergy is excited for the opportunity to continue supporting EBIC on accomplishing the organization initiatives in each focus area. AlgaEnergy’s missions and goals align with EBIC’s focus areas and we are proud to help the global agriculture industry grow and improve to better manage the challenges it faces.

The new Board of Directors is made up of the following members:

Arne Pingel (Syngenta), President
Carlos Rodríguez-Villa (AlgaEnergy), Vice President
Massimo Toni (Agronutrition), Treasurer
Jose Nolasco (Tradecorp), Director-at-Large
Nicolas Willaume (ICL Group), Director-at-Large
David Hiltz (Acadian Plant Health), Director-at-Large
Thomas Leppin (Compo Expert), Director-at-Large

Carlos, referring to his new position on the Board of Directors, said that “we feel proud of being able to count with the support and represent the members of EBIC, among which are the leading companies in the biostimulants sector. The turbulent times we are facing, related to the macroeconomic situation, population growth and climate change, among other factors, highlight the absolute desirability of accelerating the adoption of biostimulant solutions that ensure a more efficient and sustainable agriculture. And in this context, EBIC will continue to play an important role”.

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