AlgaEnergy had a successful participation as a gold sponsor at the Farm to Fork Europe 2022 in Athens, from June 21-23. Organized by New Ag International and the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) the conference, which is one of the main references for the industry, addressed the new forces that are driving forward the future of the agri-food systems.  

 During the sessions, ag leaders, sustainability experts and food stakeholders discussed the critical issues that are eroding today’s agricultural productive capacity. Just as the demand for food and quality is increasing inexorably, the industry is facing the consequences of the challenging geopolitical background, the climate crisis and the alarming degradation of soil health. 

In this context, with global food security having steadily worsened over the past several years, expert speakers and panelists called for a renewed model of the agri-food industry. Biostimulants, which have been gaining recognition in recent years, were firmly established to be the key in this transition towards more sustainable and efficient systems. 

 One of the main concerns during the sessions behind food insecurity was the alarming degradation of soil health. There is an urgent need and responsibility to ensure and restore our soils and AlgaEnergy made a meaningful contribution to this goal with the session ‘Innovation for Healthy Soils: Biological-based solutions Enhancing Soil Regeneration’. 

 In the presentation, the President of AlgaEnergy Agribusiness, Douglas Ry, shared how the company is already making a difference through research to the field, providing biosolutions to accelerate the transition to regenerative land use and empowering stakeholders with the knowledge to take the most effective decisions to that purpose.  

Ry showcased that AlgaEnergy’s clear vision is to go beyond sustainability, because ‘Sustainability is neutrality, is maintaining the status quo. We are going to be in a position to have our population not only growing in number but also rising up in its standards of living and we need to move beyond that towards regenerative systems. That is, to look at the entire living system and build soil health to increase not only the quantity and quality of the food we produce but also the nutritional profile of the crops for human nutrition’.  

 AlgaEnergy reaffirmed at the conference its commitment to regenerative systems with the presentation of the latest innovative programs: Genergy™ and ResilBio™. Genergy™ provides knowledge about the mode of action of AlgaEnergy’s biosolutions which naturally up-regulate the crop’s gene expression in less than two hours in a stable and sustained manner. ResilBio™ is the new product line has been developed specifically to promote soil health, focused on providing solutions from the soil all the way to the consumer. 

 We concluded our Farm to Fork participation successfully, confirming that we are building and leading the agriculture industry towards regenerative. Having as our mission to create a better and more sustainable future for all, we will keep focusing all our efforts in that direction. And ‘we have everything we need to do so and deliver the most efficient and innovative solutions on the market: AlgaEnergy’s team and culture, which is focused on the people and for the people’, stated Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, CEO of AlgaEnergy and Director of EBIC, during Farm to Fork ‘sense-making’ session. 

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