Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Manager of the biotech company, joins the Board of Directors of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC).

AlgaEnergy, a world leader in the biotechnology of microalgae and its applications, has joined the Board of Directors of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC). The EBIC includes the main players in the European biostimulants industry. This association aims to standardize and promote the use of biostimulants in a continent that comprises over 40% of the market. These efforts align with social and regulatory trends worldwide and are crucial to the development of sustainable agriculture.

The incorporation of Carlos Rodríguez-Villa to the EBIC Board of Directors was approved by the General Assembly of over 60 members on November 16, 2021. EBIC commended that their “7-person strong board reflects EBIC’s growing membership and the diversity of the plant biostimulant technologies they produce.”

The Board of Directors is made up of the following members:

  • Luca Bonini (Hello Nature), President
  • Arne Pingel (Syngenta), Vice-President
  • Massimo Toni (Agronutrition), Secretary / Treasurer
  • José Nolasco (Trade Corporation International), Director-at-large
  • Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster (AlgaEnergy), Director-at-large
  • Nicolas Willaume (ICL Group), Director-at-large
  • David Hiltz (Acadian Plant Health), Director-at-large

Rodríguez-Villa commented that “being part of the EBIC Board of Directors is a privilege for all of us who are part of AlgaEnergy. We appreciate the trust of the members and we will continue working from that new position in the promotion and development of the sector from a regulatory, scientific, and commercial point of view.”

Though only recently joining the Board of Directors, AlgaEnergy as a company has already been a very active member within the organization. In 2018, AlgaEnergy worked together with Tradecorp for the rotating Secretariate of EBIC’s working group ‘Task Force Spain’. During this collaboration, both companies were responsible for coordinating the working group that represents Spanish companies in assessing the progress made by other specialized working to participate in regulation and standardization within the sector. Additionally, in 2020, AlgaEnergy began an ongoing project in collaboration. The association was created to find common positions throughout the entire value chain, in line with the implementation of the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy presented by the European Commission.

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