AlgaEnergy, the biotechnology-based company participated for the seventh time in a row in this trade fair of international reference for the fruit and vegetable industry.

Once again, Madrid has demonstrated that it is the world capital of the fruit and vegetable industry. AlgaEnergy participated in Fruit Attraction, which, in its 13th year, brought together more than 1,300 companies from 44 countries and professionals from 118 countries, according to the organization’s data. This meeting point for major players in the international fruit and vegetable sector, organized by IFEMA and the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of fruits, vegetables, flowers and live plants (FEPEX), took place between the 5th and the 7th of October. For the seventh year in a row, AlgaEnergy took advantage of this optimal scenario to showcase its value proposition for more sustainable and practical agriculture. This proposition was manifested in various high-value products: the range of agricultural biostimulants based on microalgae that AlgaEnergy is commercializing globally.

AlgaEnergy stunned in Fruit Attraction with an eye-catching stand that had an undeniable protagonist: the PBR 2000. With more than a kilometer of glass tubes and 10 tons of weight, this photobioreactor did attract everyone’s attention. But this is just a small-scale example of the most advanced technology AlgaEnergy has developed, making the company a world benchmark in microalgae cultivation and valorization.

Regarding their presence at Fruit Attraction 2021, Carlos Rodríguez-Villa, General Manager of AlgaEnergy, stated that “we are very happy to have participated in this new edition of Fruit Attraction, particularly for being held at IFEMA and for all that this location meant during the toughest months of the pandemic. Fruit Attraction has been the best forum to unite the voice as a sector and highlight that the agri-food industry has not rested throughout the pandemic to continue supplying food to our society. In our specific case, AlgaEnergy has been, is and will be by the side of our farmers, 2.5 million today around the world, to continue helping them to be efficient, profitable and sustainable“.

AlgaEnergy also participated in Foro Innova’s presentation ‘Biostimulation: the critical tool for profitable and sustainable agriculture. Felipe Posada and Gabriel Serrano gave the exhibition, Spain and Portugal Sales Director and Sales Technician of AlgaEnergy, respectively, and brought together about 100 attendees and generated great interest among the public and the media.

Representatives of the AlgaEnergy Agribusiness global division also participated in this event. Ry Wagner, President of AlgaEnergy Agribusiness, highlighted the importance of the events and tradeshows for this sector: “We are happy to participate in Fruit Attraction and other important events for the Agribusiness sector, and are pleased that in-person events all over the world are coming back and bringing companies, customers and partners together again. As a leader in sustainable and regenerative solutions for agricultural markets and growers around the world AlgaEnergy values such opportunities to bring our people, technology and products to these events and share our vision for the future of global agriculture”.

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