Genergy™: The Science Behind AlgaEnergy Solutions

Water and nitrogen are precious resources determining crop yield and quality and any improvement in the efficient use of these essential inputs is highly valued by forward-thinking agricultural crop growers around the world.

The impact of decreased water availability and low N fertilization is negatively affecting yield and product quality, resulting in dramatic economic losses for the agricultural sector. Understanding from the ground these challenges is key to develop the right solutions, but also in-depth research is needed to understand how these solutions act within the crops.

AlgaEnergy, a global pioneer in phytoplankton based biostimulants, has pursued the patent protection of its novel product solutions based on a detailed understanding of the mode-of-action of the biostimulant products, which have been proven powerful tools to increase water and nitrogen use efficiency.

The research proves that AlgaEnergy’s biostimulants upregulate gene expression naturally in the crop, which means improved crop yield and quality characteristics for growers.

Upregulation has been detected at a statistically significant level within a few hours after application, improving critical physiological pathways in a sustained and stable manner. This implies several key benefits to growers, including improved resilience to abiotic stress, enhanced water and nutrient use efficiency, greater vigor and photosynthetic capacity, improved root anchoring and nutrient access, all of them delivered while retaining genetical modified (GM) free status of the produce.

Ry Wagner, President of Agribusiness at AlgaEnergy said, “These patents applications are a direct result of our Genergy™ program, and supported by many years of research, we have successfully decoded the crop mode of action of our phytoplankton based biostimulants. The program relied significantly on extensive genetic research by AgriBio (Australia), together with the University of Seville (Spain).”

Biostimulants that improve Nitrogen optimization and deliver better results

AlgaEnergy has discovered that the application of our phytoplankton based biostimulants triggers the coordinated expression of the genes encoding Nitrate Reductase, Glutamate Dehydrogenase and Glutamate Synthase. These three enzymes are critical for the conversion of nitrate to the fixed nitrogen components of critical amino acids within the plant cell.

Solutions to enhance the response to water stresses maintaining productivity

In a related discovery, AlgaEnergy has found that following the application of its biostimulant product there is a rapid and sustained activation of key regulatory genes that control both the Abscisic Acid dependent and Abscisic Acid independent stress tolerance pathways. This gene activation results in increased tolerance to drought (water) stress as well as other abiotic stresses and allows crops to recover from prolonged stress periods and continue to develop in a manner that restores much of the original productivity of the crop.

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“AlgaEnergy truly believes that solutions which promote regenerative agriculture represents the future of agriculture, and as such we are promoting our best-in-class solutions to help jump-start that future. Our Genergy program is proof of our ongoing commitment to create the best solutions and practices possible for the future health of our planet”, concluded Dr. Wagner. AlgaEnergy’s solutions can help you improving your crop performance and profitability. Do you want to learn more? Click here