Genergy™: The Science Behind AlgaEnergy Solutions

Decoding how AlgaEnergy’s solutions energize crop gene expression in less than 2 hours.

AlgaEnergy presents its mode-of-action program, Genergy™, that has validated how its phytoplankton-based solutions improve the physiological pathways of crops through better nutrient use and improved resistance to abiotic stress.

The program started was initiated in 2019 in collaboration with The  Institute of Plant Biochemistry and Photosynthesis from the University of Seville (Spain) and the research institute AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience at La Trobe University (Australia), two highly regarded research institutions in the field. The program relied significantly on extensive genomic research that yielded very exciting results and a deep understanding of the mode-of-action of AlgaEnergy’s biostimulants.

Ry Wagner, AlgaEnergy President of Agribusiness, highlighted the findings: “The Genergy™ program is an ongoing AlgaEnergy research program based on many years of work that decodes the mode-of-action of AlgaEnergy solutions. The program, supported by extensive genomic and field research, has resulted in a clear understanding of how AlgaEnergy’s biostimulant solutions improve crop performance and has underpinned a number of new patent applications for the company.

AlgaEnergy’s biosolutions have been proven to help maximize the crop’s genetic potential making crops more efficient and improving quality and production parameters for growers. In order to understand how these novel solutions work, AlgaEnergy undertook a state-of-the art analysis of changes in gene expression following the application of our biostimulant products. Through these exhaustive studies we have learned that AlgaEnergy’s solutions trigger the up-regulation of your crop’s key genes – with statistical significance – in less than 2 hours, and improve, in a sustained and stable manner, several critical physiological pathways of the crop.

AlgaEnergy’s phytoplankton-based solutions range can be applied either to the soil or foliage, generally between two and six times per season, depending on crop type. With over four million satisfied growers worldwide, AlgaEnergy is committed to providing inputs that create a more sustainable food and fibre production systems on farms around the globe.

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